Saturday, November 15, 2014

More about hair oils... Kalonji and Amla and Mustard...

I've been losing a LOT of hair lately. Although the hair is longer now, the number of hair per square cm./density is very low. I hate it! I have been using Kesh King hair oil from India for the past 3 months and I don't think it has done anything to help stop it.

I've used Navratna Red Hair Oil from India as well to stimulate and tingle the scalp. When applied, it does tingle for 10 mins. or so but I don't really know if it has done anything either. Though I do have a lot of fly-away/baby hairs now visible.

Kalonji (Black Seed) Oil is supposed to be miraculous for new hair growth, so I will try that next. Also Amla is supposed to help, so I have bought Khadi Pure Amla Oil (pure meaning, no fillers like mineral oil etc. in it) to try as well. In the next month or so I will prolly do a half and half concoction of these two oils and apply weekly(will also look into adding mustard seed oil, why not make the most potent concoction?). Then I will try it for 3 months to check for reduction of hair fall as well as for new hair growth.

I know that reduction on hair fall is a more plausible possibility than creation of new hair, but you never know. The hair that fell, hopefully their roots will still be alive and get rejuvenated with my nurturing which will lead to sprouting of new hair ;) (one can dream, can't I?).

I'll keep the blog updated with progress though.