Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Skincare Routine - Order of products/steps

This was a neat info graphic I came across on CosRX site

It may seem excessive, but you may add/remove steps as you see fit. This mainly gives an order of the steps and products.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Quick and dirty on the natural Deodorants

This is gonna be a quick review of the naturals deos I have tried. This is all for me, a fairly active, sweaty brown girl. I have been used to the protection offered by clinical strength supermarket deodorants, so maybe my standards are really high. I am open to the fact that no natural deodorant will provide me the protection that a chemical-laden clinical strength deo offers, but I am not opposed to the sweat, it's the stink that builds in 24 hours.

These are listed in the order of preference/effectiveness

1) Piperwei: This is a gray solid stick deo, which smells okay. And as expected works beautifully due to the charcoal in it. However, because of the charcoal, it makes the pits appear darker when applied.

2) Native: This has many scents and I have tried a couple. The only one that functions fairly well is the coconut vanilla one. The others don't performs half as well. No idea why the difference.

3) Kopari: This is a very pure coconut oil based deo. It smells wonderful and I love applying it. However the pits get the stank within 12 hours. And that is a fail for me.

4) Lume : More like Lame. It does nothing for me. It is super sticky. And I hate that it has to be rubbed in by hand. Apparently it can be used on other parts of the body, but I stick to the pits. The stickiness never goes away and makes me feel uncomfortable. And the stink is back within 6 hours.

5) Baking Soda: I have tried pure baking soda mixed with water and it functioned beautifully EXCEPT that I have painful welts and cysts form in the pits which lasted a while and left major pigmentation in their wake. I am afraid to try deos with baking soda listed as an ingredient due to this experience. I believe I am allergic. But if you're not, then baking soda is the best ingredient to get the stank out.

Special Mention: LUSH Coconut Deodorant Powder was the best natural deo I have ever used. As all companies do, they discontinued this wonderful product. I hope they bring it back someday. Until then, maybe I should try recreating it with some Corn Starch, coconut oil, and some essential oil drops.

Kryolan Dermablend