Tuesday, February 4, 2014


E. V. E stands for Essential Vital Elements. Check the product on it's website here.

This is a much touted miracle serum and it is French (we all know of the craze around French skincare, don't we?). Well I just HAD to try it.It retails in the USD $120 to USD $140 price range. Which makes this product hideously expensive. Among it's many claims, this product also regenerates skin. As a previous cystic acne sufferer, I have a lot of pores and scarring on my skin and I will try anything to help decrease that. I am using this once a day (at night after washing my face) as opposed to twice. I will report it's progress in a few weeks. It promises results in 3 weeks if used twice a day, but since I'm using it just once a day, I will check back in 6 weeks.

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