Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: Aniika Jewelry

There's a web site called Aniika (http://www.aniika.com/shop/) and I bought a pair of earrings from them. They sell a lot of items but their jewelry sucks me in every time. I follow the store on Facebook as well (https://www.facebook.com/aniikadotcom).

They post some of the most stunning pictures of beautiful, heavy, Indian jewelry. And I was sucked in deep by one and finally decided to roll dice. The items in general are heavily over-priced and they charge a ton for shipping. But to try out just once, I ordered anyway.

I ordered a pair of extremely ornate earrings for US$31(prce)+$5(shipping). They arrived in a box like this:

So pretty, right? Then I opened the box to find each of the earrings individually wrapped in bubble wrap.

Gorgeous, right? I turned it to try on and look what happened:

I don't like super-gluing brand new earrings together when I have paid so heavily for them. Also the plastic bead that fell out was very cheap looking plastic and not some gorgeous glass bit I imagined it would be. The metal used in the earring for the post and post back closure is also cheap looking with poor finish. This is not the quality I expect when I pay $36 for a product. But let's look at it as a price paid for a lesson learned.

Thankfully the crystals are pretty and I did this video to catch the glimmer:


  1. Hi Kay Vid - Thank you for writing the review. We apologize for the poor experience you have had. A lot of our products are handmade - the designers use a safe glue to put together parts of the product. Very rarely during transit some of these parts come off. We do not expect customers to accept such products. We have a return policy published on our website that enables you to get a 100% refund including shipping costs you have incurred + return shipping costs to us. However, you need to initiate the return within 5 business days of receiving the product. We hope this helps clarify any concerns you or your readers might have. Also, thank you for the feedback on our pricing. We are working on it : ). Best, Team Aniika