Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Hair Products

I swear to you this is not just a hair blog. But I really wanted to share 2 new treatments I am incorporating in my hair routine. 

The first product I want to talk about is the LUSH hair treatment called ROOTS (the link will take you to the LUSH product page where you can find further details and reviews). I have only used this once so I cannot review it but I would like to just capture the experience of using it. I wet my hair roots by spraying a rosemary+water spray that I make. Then I applied the treatment to my roots like I apply oil, that is, in sections and massaging it in just at the roots. It feels cold and tingly (because it contains 3 types of mint oils in it). And of course, I decided to do it on the coldest day in the history of US, because I was home and bored working all day. Since it's fairly expensive for my middle-class pockets, I applied it only to the roots mainly for the tingle. Along the hair lengths I just rubbed in some sesame and almond oil. I massaged my scalp for a minute or so. Massaging too much makes my hair fall, so I am careful with it, using just the pads of my finger tips. I loved the feeling of this product. I will use it more frequently. I am hoping to get rid of the winter flakiness that my scalp is experiencing. Expect a full report on this in 2 months. I cannot wait to use it in summer months for a wondering cooling feeling on my migraine-prone head.

The second product I wish to mention is L'oreal Damage-Erasing Balm from their TOTAL REPAIR 5 line. That line as a whole is excellent, the shampoo and conditioner are pretty good too. But this balm is out of the world. I use it once in a while (maybe once a week) in place of the conditioner. Since I have a very oil scalp, I apply it only to the ends of my hair and mid-shaft. Very little is needed. On washing it off, I love the way my hair feels. It's crazy smooth and soft. After drying hair, I notice a lot of movement in my hair till the next day. I have big, thick hair and so movement is generally very limited. So I love the flowy, smooth feeling this gives my hair. It is however full of cones and things that all you natural people like to avoid. I personally don't care as I use this infrequently and just on the hair ends. All I know is it works and works really well. I highly recommend this product. If you have used it or do use it in the future, I would love to know what you thought.

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