Tuesday, January 14, 2014

LUSH Sandy Santa

LUSH recently had a BOGO sale on their website for a few items and I hauled big time. One of the items I got was Sandy Santa body butter. LUSH UK says the following about it: "With murumuru butter and shea butter, Sandy Santa is both a body butter and a sugar scrub. We’ve packed him full of butters this year to give a wonderful moisturising affect, and we’ve also included sugar and sand to smooth and polish your skin." I can't get get over the fact that they said "affect" instead of "effect". WOW!

Back to the topic at hand. Here is how you use Sandy Santa (and other body butters for that matter) After you are done with your shower, while you're still in the shower and wet, rub him all over (dirty!LOL!) You will be left with wonderful smelling sugar particles and moisturizing oils all over (especially his hat, when it melts it's like a yummy jam/jelly. Try to not eat it). Now scrub/exfoliate. Be gentle. Wash off with warm water. You will be left moisturized, soft and smelling wonderful. Most people don't moisturize after this, however I feel after you towel dry yourself, you do need to moisturize (especially in this dry winter). I love this scrub. It makes showers fun. But try not to use it too frequently. It is a fun treat but not a must-have product in my opinion (especially when you can do a DIY body scrub for the shower using sugar, lemon, EVOO and essential oils just as easily).  

Sandy Santa is generally available only during the holidays. But other body butters, such as Buffy, are available year round. 

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